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Services We Offer

Letting Service

  1. All marketing, viewings and negotiating of offers. In other words everything you would expect from an agent prior to an offer being accepted.
  2. Our marketing is extensive and includes full professional photography and floor plans on all properties. Web exposure is complete with all major property portals used.
  3. Our properties are marketed from all branches equally maximising your exposure to all applicants registered with the company. We have a unique approach to sharing instructions between branches unlike the traditional methods used by our competitors which don't actually encourage inter branch co-operation.
  4. Set up and administration arrangements prior to the start of the tenancy - this includes but is not limited to: arranging the gas safety certificate, arranging the cleaning, arranging the EPC, arranging the inventory & check in, obtaining third party references etc. Any contractor costs for these services would be covered by yourself but costs will be confirmed with yourselves before the contractors are instructed.
  5. Drawing up and administering all legal documents relating to the tenancy. We have a huge emphasis on keeping up and having external training to keep up to date with all legislative changes and so are fully compliant across the board.
  6. Securing and administering the tenants deposit with an approved deposit scheme.
  7. Collecting the rent throughout the tenancy.
  8. Negotiating and conducting the entire renewal process on your behalf.
  9. We encourage all of our landlords to meet their prospective tenants before making a final decision on their offer.
  10. We automatically offer and take out a rental income warranty policy on your behalf (assuming that we are collecting the rent) which provides an additional element of security for you in unlikely event your tenants fail to pay their rent. Monthly rent cannot exceed £2500pm to qualify for this package. Should rent be higher than £2500pm there is a different policy you can take out at your own expense. Full details of these policies can be discussed at a later stage.


Management Service

By instructing an agent to manage your property you are entrusting them to care of what is possibly your most important asset. You need to be certain that the decisions that made on your behalf are always in your best interests whilst also ensuring you have happy tenants by maintaining your property and keeping it in good repair throughout the tenancy.

We will:

  1. Take care of all day to day maintenance within your property.
  2. We will, where possible, visit the property to inspect any maintenance issues raised by the tenants prior to instructing any contractors on your behalf. This is a unique service that as far as we are aware no other agent can offer. It ensures maintenance issues are thoroughly checked before contractors are sent in to avoid unnecessary costs and clear concise information is given to you when taking your instructions on works. It also enables us to manage tenants expectations.
  3. Within reason we will discuss any works with you prior to instructing the contractors go ahead.
  4. Visit your property for interim inspections during the course of the tenancy to check that everything is okay. We will report back to you if there are any obvious maintenance issues that require attention.
  5. A property manager will visit the property before the commencement of the tenancy to check everything is in order.
  6. A couple of months prior to the end of the tenancy a property manager will also visit the property to do a pre-move out inspection to assist tenants in preparing the property for the check out. This is invaluable in reducing potential issues at the end of the tenancy and helps tenants to avoid having unnecessary deductions from their deposit as they are given ample opportunity to prepare the property for a smooth hand over.
  7. Arrange for the inventory check out at the end of the tenancy.
  8. Administer the deposit return on your behalf.
  9. Arrange annual gas safety inspections.
  10. Keep you informed of any changes in legislation and whether or not this affects you or your property.
  11. Provide you with statements of account to keep you up to date with rent payments and any maintenance costs.
  12. Deal with insurance companies on your behalf should the need arise.
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