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Marketing is the first and single most important step in selling or letting a property. Get it right, and you will access the vast majority of people looking to buy or rent at that time. This will gives you the best chance to get the best price in the shortest time and allow you to choose the best buyers or tenants.

Here are the main tools that we use. Perfecting these tools has allowed us to outsell our competitors on all recent developments and by as much as fifteen to nil in one case. We provide this same level of marketing, service, commitment and performance to all Keating Estates clients.

A state of the art website:

A site that presents property in their best light offering all information, clearly is the starting point for generating interest for any property. Transparency and simplicity of use are the benchmarks of a really good site.

Exposure on all main sites:

With most people starting their property search on Rightmove or Zoopla, it is vital that your property is represented and represented well on these sites. All of our systems are tailored to automatically provide exactly the right data to these sites and fast. Our marketing teams then dedicate significant time to refining the presentation.

Functionality as marketing:

We have designed a number of gizmos that provide all the right information to house hunters looking at your property. This makes sure that everyone viewing your property is genuinely interested in your property and in possession of all the facts. Quality over quantity.

Try for yourself in our property search, online details and our printable details.

The London Magazines:

The Glossies are a great way to reinforce the cache of your property. Distribution is the key to success here. The magazine must be distributed in the right right area, but with distributions in the tens of thousands and being read by far more in the many waiting rooms, hairdresser’s and offices your the area, they can work.


Professional Brochures:

Properties all have their pluses and minuses. Distributing a polished and well presented list of your property’s best facets in the form of a brochure offers those who view it a reference point to their later discussions of the merits of competing properties. This can only help your property’s chances of being the chosen one decided upon.

London & National papers:

While only suitable for certain properties these are still valuable sales tools with readerships in the millions.

We provide access to these publications (along with news agencies and television companies) for Keating Estates clients where appropriate.

Local & Regional papers:

The internet has largely supplanted local print advertising nowadays, but local, weekly papers still form a valuable tool in some cases.

We offer advertising in local papers in our area to all our clients where appropriate.


Targeted e-Marketing:

Getting to the right people at the right time can be easier than you think. With over 10000 current or former clients, chances are, our email marketing of your property can find the right one for you.

While we also still send letters when geographical targeting is required,  we largely concentrate on more efficient and more responsive email marketing.

Only With Great Photos:

Photography is the starting point of all good marketing - the wrong photos and all marketing can be dismissed off hand by your target audience. So we accept only the highest standards from our professional photographers for all client properties’ marketing. Simple. Effective.


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