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The latest marmite borough of London; love it or hate it, it has a massively dedicated fanbase amongst those in search of culture cuisine and nightlife. The redevelopment of areas of Brixton's covered market has been contentious amongst the local community, with rents rising prohibitively for longstanding local businesses but the result has been an area dedicated to the culinary delights of global cuisine. Back when we started selling homes in Brixton, the area had a very poorly designed public space and so was rife with street crime. The redevelopment of Windrush square and the opening up of Brixton High road has been a revelation, helping to bring the cultural centres of The Ritzy, The Academy and Brixton Village and Atlantic road together to influence the feel, vibe and pride of the area. Much of the housing is elegant Victorian terracing that has largely been broken into flats that are now in incredible demand. The area is fiercely proud of its heritage and rightly so - the many waves of migration who have called Brixton home, since it was last one of the poshest satellite suburbs of London in the mid 1800's have all left their mark, the greatest being the generation of Caribbean families who came to help us on the transport network after the loss of life of WW2. The area is on the Victoria line and benefits from one of London's best parks in Brockwell park.


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