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“Friendly and super efficient - no complaints my end. Dealt will all enquiries very quickly and even picked up the phone to clarify any further points.”

Tom Alvis - 20 Oct 2020

“It is rewarding being able to feel confident that my needs as Landlord are being extremely well managed. Having partnered with Keating Estates for over a decade I have benefited from their ability to resolve issues and address any concerns efficiently and without hassle.”

Lee Thompson - 20 Oct 2020

“Sophia has been really kind and accommodating throughout the letting process. Organisation of meetings was very efficient and all details were provided to me without asking! It's always a pleasure to communicate with people who treat you nicely and Sophia has really exceeded that expectation. You can tell she enjoys what she's doing which is a positive message to everyone she communicates with.”

Rebecca Stepanian - 16 Oct 2020

“I've built a really good relationship with Audinga over the period of my tenancy. Communication and efficiency has always been great. Highly recommended agent.”

Kasia Hyrczyk - 14 Oct 2020

“Noah did a great job in negotiating a rental renewal for our flat. Noah was quick to respond to any queries and was very detailed in his communication. I would highly recommend him!”

Alex Langston - 13 Oct 2020

“Gemma has been fantastic throughout my property search. From our first viewings I have been very impressed with Gemma's local knowledge and attentiveness. She has been very quick to respond to all my queries, and has helped me feel at ease throughout the process. I would recommend Gemma to anyone looking to buy in the area.”

Nick - 7 Oct 2020

“Lucia was very quick to respond to any questions I had and always took the time to give an informative response. Thanks very much for your help.”

Hugh Collett - 7 Oct 2020

“Audinga was really helpful and she helped me to sort out the documentation requested within minutes! Thank you so much Andre”

Andre Lopes - 7 Oct 2020

“Lucia was a responsive and clear communicator through the process of setting up a new tenancy agreement and guided me through the process. I was pleased with the level of service and she arranged everything effortlessly”

Ross Fennell - 7 Oct 2020

“very helpful. noah has been really helpful in helping us to renew our tenancy. we appreciate his fast response to emails.”

Ellen Lambert - 5 Oct 2020

“Noah recently helped us negotiate a renewal for our property at a great price. He was easily contactable throughout the whole process and always provided us with timely communications from our landlord. Overall he was a great help and we really appreciate his time and efforts!”

Will - 1 Oct 2020

“Amy is without doubt our absolute favourite estate agent that we dealt with. She was an absolute superstar. In every interaction she was friendly and helpful, and seemed genuinely interested in helping us find the property that's right for us - she listened carefully to what we were after, and every property she recommended to us fitted those requirements. She also had that wonderful skill of presenting the properties nicely, but without any hint of cheap sale tricks or pressure to buy that we'd encountered with other agents. Her openness and honesty 100% won our trust. We cannot recommend Amy enough - if you use her you'll be in good hands!”

James Poston - 29 Sep 2020

“Everyone has been very responsive and helpful. No compliants. Look forward to dealing with Lucia and the team more in the future.”

Maxim Locke - 24 Sep 2020

“Lucia was a fantastic help during our moving process. She was great at responded to our calls and emails and making sure we got through the process smoothly.”

Conor Stone - 23 Sep 2020

“Honest and informative communications Jessica guided us on multiple viewings, clearly outlining the core features of the properties and how they suit our requirements. Lucia provided supportive communications through the processing and deposit payment for our new flat – everything you need from an agent in the potentially highly stressful event of moving.”

Joseph Stewart - 22 Sep 2020

“Mainly dealt with Lucia throughout my move and couldn’t recommend herself and Keating Estates anymore. If anything, they undersold the property!! Very warm and friendly when I physically met them just prior to my move. Have already informed me to contact them whenever I have a problem, no matter how big or small. Very happy and impressed with Lucia and the company as a whole!”

David Martin - 22 Sep 2020

“Sandra was very helpful in facilitating the move into our flat. I found her to be very organised and she even rescheduled when we could pick up the keys.”

Jacob Clarke - 20 Sep 2020

“Fantastic service! Keatings came with a good recommendation from various friends, particularly in their ability to find good tenants. David did not disappoint, infact he exceeded my expectations. Not only did he find excellent tenants, he was great to deal with. The support team has also been efficient, reliable and helpful. So refreshing compared to previous lettings agents we've dealt with.”

Kate - 16 Sep 2020

“Lucia was very helpful and quick at responding to my emails! This is the second time I have used Keating to move and I would highly recommend them 😀”

Jenny - 15 Sep 2020

“Jack was the perfect letting agent, always prompt and courteous, and willing to put the extra hour in for us, including working on securing our tenancy till late in the evening to ensure we got our preferred move in date. An all round class act.”

Aidan Fusco - 15 Sep 2020

“Very grateful to Sophie for her time and understanding in helping us tenants in resolving some issues that we were experiencing re the return of our deposit. Unfortunately, the landlord decided to make some untrue claims with regards to the check-out report, but thanks to Sophie, we were able to respond in detail and given the opportunity to prove otherwise which led to a satisfactory outcome.”

Phoebe Whitehouse - 14 Sep 2020

“As an overseas landlord Sandra was very easy with and very efficient. Last minute clean required due to outgoing tenant not doing sufficiently, Sandra arranged same day without any hassle. Very responsive, great service.”

Sandra Bovington - 3 Sep 2020

“Overall good agency, mostly in the process of finding the property we were looking for. Sophie Lusher, who has dealt with the majority of our issues, has been really helpful, and several times!”

Veronica Anti - 2 Sep 2020

“Gemma was clear and well informed. She was readily available when we needed her. Her team was very proactive and we liked the Keating's approach.”

Alex Rowan-Robinson - 2 Sep 2020

“Audinga was extremely helpful, sorting out my queries in a matter of minutes. She was very polite and efficient. Quick, friendly and reliable!”

Laurens Zhang - 2 Sep 2020

“David was a huge help in finding us a new flat. He answered all our questions and was quick to respond to emails”

Molly Broome - 2 Sep 2020

“Very good experience with Keating’s so far on the sale of my flat, and Gemma has found good buyers, negotiated well and been good with communications. Very satisfied customer so far.”

Beth Williams - 28 Aug 2020

“David has been so great, reassuring and efficient during the house hunt process and has found us a great place. Our favourite estate agent!”

Natasha Walden - 27 Aug 2020

“Sophie was very nice to deal with, and is very thorough and timely, ensuring we took all necessary steps to get our full deposit back, which is really appreciated.”

Tom W - 25 Aug 2020

“Working with David Cam at Keating Estates has been excellent - he's quick to respond to our queries and helped us to obtain our dream rental! 5*”

George P - 24 Aug 2020

“David was extremely helpful in finding us a flat and able to negotiate a good price. He has been able to answer all of our questions and sorted us a flat in a short time frame. Thank you!”

Katie Sellens - 18 Aug 2020

“Great service, timelines kept to in an orderly manner. Very happy with the result and would recommend to anyone! Thanks again to everyone at Keating, especially Lucia and Jess.”

James Ramsay - 18 Aug 2020

“Great help, very friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to help with the move. I was very impressed.”

Antonio Sauro - 17 Aug 2020

“Sandra has been incredibly patient and helpful throughout the entire process. We encountered issues during the upload of some documents and she’s been very kind to keep us regularly updated as she dealt with the issue. She even called us on the weekend (not her working hours) to ensure that everything was in order. I’m very happy with the service offered by Sandra.”

Genesio De Rosa - 17 Aug 2020

“David has been acommodating, communicative and helpful throughout the process - many thanks! We really appreciate your help with the proceedings.”

Alexander MacLaren - 16 Aug 2020

“David has been very quick to answer any and all questions and help guide through the process. A great first impression of Keating estates as a whole.”

Freddie Horton - 14 Aug 2020

“Great service overall. Prompt responses and friendly manner. Would definitely use again! All documents were sent over whenever requested, and they really helped us get the place we wanted.”

Alex Tawney - 11 Aug 2020

“Friendly and very responsive to email and phone queries throughout the process of viewing properties and setting up our rental contract. After agreeing an offer with the landlord, Sophie kindly took time out her busy schedule to accompany us to the property for a 2nd look and answer any outstanding questions about the property. Lucia provided information efficiently to help us set up utilities for the property and complete the contract admin.”

Alastair Laurenson - 11 Aug 2020

“Really friendly and responsive service. We had a very short timeframe between referencing and the move in date but Lucia was extremely helpful and quick to respond to ensure we moved in on time, which we did! Highly recommend Keating Estates services.”

Bathsheba Wignall - 6 Aug 2020

“Throughout the process of securing our flat, David has been extremely helpful and prompt with his replies. Though I wasn't able to initially view the flat myself, David was quick and flexible to organise a second viewing for me! Highly recommend!”

Thomas Amor - 4 Aug 2020

“Very straightforward and quick communication, which really helps in an stressful time. All the issues were treated promptly and politely.”

Alicia Perez - 3 Aug 2020

“Sophie has been really helpful throughout our whole process of moving out of a Keating property. Responses were always super quick!”

Alice Gilman - 3 Aug 2020

“We’ve been looking for almost two years and we’re almost broken by the process. We have met every agent in the area and consistently Gemma came out tops. Gemma knew what we wanted even more than we did ourselves. Advance viewings before anyone else, detailed phone conversations, tips on offer pricing, sharing the lols Gemma gave it all.”

David Meany - 31 Jul 2020

“the service was fast and professional, from viewing the with Jack to conducting security checks and tenancy agreement with Lucia and Sandra along with the rest of the team. I especially liked the user friendly digital signature of the documents everything was done from the comfort of my home. Very smart and efficient. Sandra Hewitt”

Sandra Hewitt - 28 Jul 2020

“Helpful, friendly, proficient and I never felt as though anyone was trying to gouge me. Which, after twelve years of renting in London, was a firm first.”

Daniel Cullen - 24 Jul 2020

“Very helpful at every stage of the process, they managed to get 15 viewings in the first weekend, and I received an offer at asking price a couple of days later. Experts for the area.”

Will Walshe - 23 Jul 2020

“Sophie was a great help in getting everything completed with our check out. Made it easy and was really quick with getting back in touch to solve and queries we had. It is never easy checking out of a flat or house, so I was surprised how easy Sophie made it. Really appreciate it all and would definitely use Keatings again because of her work.”

Chris - 22 Jul 2020