Property management

Our management service is designed to free you of the day to day responsibilities of your rental property or portfolio. Our dedicated property managers take care of everything to help you get the maximum return on your investment with the minimum of fuss.

Day to day

We manage all day to day contact with tenants and arrange maintenance and repairs. Wherever possible, we visit your property personally to investigate any reported issues before booking a contractor, saving you money on unnecessary call outs.

Regular inspections

We conduct regular, thorough inspections of your property so you can be reassured that it’s being well looked after. Meeting with tenants at the same time also helps us address any issues that may otherwise arise at the end of the tenancy.

Happy tenants

We work with you to make sure your tenants are happy, keeping your property in good repair and encouraging a relationship that works in both your interests. As a result, most tenancies are renewed, minimising vacant periods and providing you with a reliable rental income.

Keeping compliant

Frequent changes to legislation means it can be difficult to stay on top of your responsibilities as a landlord. You can rely on our skilled team to keep you inform you on any changes, big or small, advising you on your legal obligations and keeping you compliant.

24/7 online maintenance portal

Our maintenance portal helps protect your property around the clock, providing:

  • A straightforward way for tenants to report issues and access guides for simple fixes
  • Detailed reports for agents and contractors, helping to increase first time fixes and save you money
  • In-built advice for emergencies and support in multiple languages, so messages don't get lost in translation
Online maintenance portal - Keating Estates

Our services and fees

Our Management service must be taken in conjunction with our Premium Letting service. Together, we believe these two services provide you with the most comprehensive support at the at the best value for money.

Premium Letting


of the rent incl. VAT - 1st term
8.4% incl. VAT - 2nd term onwards

Administration fee

£450 incl. VAT for the 1st term
£250 incl. VAT for subsequent terms

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Everything in the Letting service plus:

  • Rent collection throughout the tenancy
  • Tenant deposit administration
  • Arranging the following (cost excluded):
    • Inventory at check in and check out
    • Pre-tenancy cleaning
    • Pre-tenancy safety inspection and resultant maintenance
    • Gas Safety Certificate (GSC)
    • Energy performance certificate (EPC)
    • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
    • Smoke detector installation
  • Serving notice to tenants
  • Managing the check out process
  • Returning the tenant’s deposit

* To be paid upfront in two, six-month instalments.

Example of our Premium Letting service fee, based on a rent of £1,500 per month.

1st term at 14.4%
£1500 x 12 months = £18000 x 14.4% = £2592 (incl. VAT)

Renewal and subsequent terms at 8.4%
£1500 x 12 months = £18000 x 8.4% = £1512 (incl. VAT)



of the rent incl VAT
In addition to our Premium Letting service

Note on our Management service

This service can only be taken in conjunction with Premium Letting

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If added to our Premium Letting service:

  • A dedicated property manager
  • Pre-move in inspection
  • Mid-term inspection
  • Pre-move out inspection
  • Transferring utilities and council tax
  • Arranging gas maintenance
  • Access to our 24-hour maintenance portal
  • Arranging quotes, repairs and maintenance
    • Managing a £100 cash balance for minor expenses
    • Organising repairs up to £300 incl. VAT per item
    • Seeking approval for works over £300 incl. VAT
    • Paying outgoings on your behalf
  • Negotiating damages and deposit deductions
  • Returning the tenant’s deposit
  • Forwarding post

* To be paid in two, six-month instalments, deducted from the rent.

Example of our Management service fee, based on a rent of £1,500 per month.

Management fee at 6%:
£1500 x 12 months = £18000 x 6% = £1080 (incl. VAT)

Additional fees

The following services are available as add-ons to our packages above and fees will only be charged upon your instruction of each item.

Premium Letting services

Own tenancy agreement
£60 incl. VAT
Referencing during tenancy
£50 incl. VAT per reference
Legal advice for serving notices and eviction services
At cost
Pre-move in, midterm and pre-move out inspections
£50 incl. VAT per visit
Rent guarantee insurance
£200 incl. VAT for rent under £3000 pcm. Rent over £3000 will be quoted individually

Management services

Additional property visits
£36 incl. VAT per visit
Empty property management
£240 pcm incl. VAT

All services

Deed of assignment
£200 incl. VAT
Renewal document fee
£42 incl. VAT
Major works supervision
10% of works
Inland Revenue accounting service
£120 pa incl. VAT
Legal action/court attendance
£60 incl. VAT per hour/part hour
£24 incl. VAT per hour/part hour
House sitting
£24 incl. VAT per hour/part hour
Courier deliveries
At cost
Sale fees
1.5% of sale price less fees
Key cutting
£30 incl. VAT
At cost
HMO licencing application
£350 incl. VAT
Landlord withdrawal from offer
Up to £600 incl. VAT

What our clients think

“Holly was very helpful and informative at the viewing. She made the whole process very easy and was reassuring throughout the referencing”

Jay Salmon - 23 Oct 2020

“Very helpful letting agent. Holly put my mind at ease and made the whole process very simple. I would recommend her to anyone”

Zoe Davies - 23 Oct 2020

“Noah was extremely attentive in handling our tenancy renewal. Stress free for all involved, I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Charles Cornock - 23 Oct 2020

“Sandra kept me on my toes and was very efficient. She'd get my vote any day. Thank you very much.”

Paul Gadd - 22 Oct 2020

“Surprisingly easy to sort out our lease extension. All thanks to Noah too, super helpful and always answering our requests.”

Max - 22 Oct 2020

“Sophia has kept us well informed with any changes to appointments for photography/ viewings. Working from home at the moment means that we have to plan these appointments around our working day, and Sophia’s communication has been really good.”

Tom Grahamslaw - 21 Oct 2020

“Friendly and super efficient - no complaints my end. Dealt will all enquiries very quickly and even picked up the phone to clarify any further points.”

Tom Alvis - 20 Oct 2020

“It is rewarding being able to feel confident that my needs as Landlord are being extremely well managed. Having partnered with Keating Estates for over a decade I have benefited from their ability to resolve issues and address any concerns efficiently and without hassle.”

Lee Thompson - 20 Oct 2020

“Sophia has been really kind and accommodating throughout the letting process. Organisation of meetings was very efficient and all details were provided to me without asking! It's always a pleasure to communicate with people who treat you nicely and Sophia has really exceeded that expectation....”

Rebecca Stepanian - 16 Oct 2020

“I've built a really good relationship with Audinga over the period of my tenancy. Communication and efficiency has always been great. Highly recommended agent.”

Kasia Hyrczyk - 14 Oct 2020

“Noah did a great job in negotiating a rental renewal for our flat. Noah was quick to respond to any queries and was very detailed in his communication. I would highly recommend him!”

Alex Langston - 13 Oct 2020

“Lucia was very quick to respond to any questions I had and always took the time to give an informative response. Thanks very much for your help.”

Hugh Collett - 7 Oct 2020

“Audinga was really helpful and she helped me to sort out the documentation requested within minutes! Thank you so much Andre”

Andre Lopes - 7 Oct 2020

“Lucia was a responsive and clear communicator through the process of setting up a new tenancy agreement and guided me through the process. I was pleased with the level of service and she arranged everything effortlessly”

Ross Fennell - 7 Oct 2020

“very helpful. noah has been really helpful in helping us to renew our tenancy. we appreciate his fast response to emails.”

Ellen Lambert - 5 Oct 2020

“Noah recently helped us negotiate a renewal for our property at a great price. He was easily contactable throughout the whole process and always provided us with timely communications from our landlord. Overall he was a great help and we really appreciate his time and efforts!”

Will - 1 Oct 2020

“Everyone has been very responsive and helpful. No compliants. Look forward to dealing with Lucia and the team more in the future.”

Maxim Locke - 24 Sep 2020

“Lucia was a fantastic help during our moving process. She was great at responded to our calls and emails and making sure we got through the process smoothly.”

Conor Stone - 23 Sep 2020

“Honest and informative communications Jessica guided us on multiple viewings, clearly outlining the core features of the properties and how they suit our requirements. Lucia provided supportive communications through the processing and deposit payment for our new flat – everything yo...”

Joseph Stewart - 22 Sep 2020

“Mainly dealt with Lucia throughout my move and couldn’t recommend herself and Keating Estates anymore. If anything, they undersold the property!! Very warm and friendly when I physically met them just prior to my move. Have already informed me to contact them whenever I have a problem, no...”

David Martin - 22 Sep 2020


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