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Get a case of wine, hand selected by The New Zealand Cellar, free with any property valuation. Plus, a further two cases if you choose us to sell or let your home.

Free wine with any valuation

Wine won't help you move house

But we will, and we'll bring some with us when we pop by.

If you're looking to sell or let your property, we can help you work our where you stand in the local market with an accurate valuation, based on almost two decades of experience in the south London property market and the latest market data. It's free and there's no obligation.

As an added bonus, we're offering a free case of wine (6 bottles), hand-selected by our Brixton neighbour - The New Zealand Cellar - with any property valuation. If you instruct us to sell or let your home, you'll get another two cases (18 bottles in total).

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