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East Dulwich has been climbing steadily for 25 years made largely of a V shape of Victorian streets that descend from The Horniman museum high on Forest Hill to the station at the valley floor and closed in by the hugely popular Lordship Lane and Peckham Rye Park to the East. Much of the area's deserved popularity arises from the plethora of quality restaurants, cafes, delis, shops and pubs and a proud village identity and a fierce local, community and organic led ideologies. A Saturday market on the very quaint North Cross road brings the whole area together and the parks on both sides (Dulwich to the west and Peckham Rye to the East) offer great amenities for families. The Dulwich Leisure Centre complex that incorporates the Victorian baths has become another great pull since its recent refurbishment. The area is served by East Dulwich Station but also by Peckham Rye to the north and Forest Hill to the south. Prices reflect the demand for the area with large family houses particularly competed over as families seek the lifestyle on offer in the borough.



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