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Forest hill is one of those areas that a little value can still be found, being that little bit further out than its adjoining areas of Dulwich and Peckham. It has a slightly less organised feel around its centre but this is more than made up for by the street after street of characterful Victorian and Edwardian housing stock. Being that bit further out allows it to retain an element of wildness with the likes of the wonderful Horniman Gardens and the hill on which this sits offers some of the most magnificent views of the London skyline available. Many of the properties enjoy heart stopping, head calming panoramas from Wembley to Woolwich and everythingn in between. Whereas some areas have been developed and modernised to within an inch of their souls, this place still affords families the chance to buy a modestly priced family home in need of renovation. An upsurge in this same development means that there are plenty of flats available for commuters to make the most of the super-fast links into town that the Overground line now offers.




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