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Peckham is an area on the move at the moment - every aspiring fashonista and creative seems to be moving here. Pop up art galleries, bars, restaurants, theatre and cinemas abound but the area still has a reasonably low price threshold, though it has moved a long way in recent times. Large amounts of social houses sit along side some of the most beautiful architecture in the whole of South London, and some of these properties are now as expensive as they are in more established neighbours like Dulwich. The city is very close by and many places have amazing views as are being enjoyed by the couple in the photo bottom left. The demographic is diverse and the wares available in the shopping districts hail from all over the world. Bottom right is the very popular Frank's rooftop bar that operates throughout the summer months. Many people we speak to are very concerned by the word 'Peckham' but almost all of those who are persuaded to move here swear by the area and all it has to offer. Transport links are excellent into the city.


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